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Barbara Moore Bw

Members of CSJ Community Honored by Lwanga Center

The good works and charism of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet were ever-present as our very own Sister Barbara Moore, CSJ and Associate Corliss Cox, CSJA CSJA were honored by the St. Charles Lwanaga Center for being committed to making a difference, inspiring and contributing to the success of others to help them reach their life goals. Read More

Gratitude For Gleason Hall Even May 2017 12

Holy Ground: Gratitude for Gleason Hall

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Gleason Hall at Nazareth Living Center in south St. Louis county has been called home by the Sisters of St. Joseph for more than 50 years. This summer, Gleason Hall is coming down, making room for something new—a 60-unit assisted living facility that is positioned to meet residents’ needs today and into the future. But, Gleason is more than bricks and mortar. It’s holy ground, full of 50 years of memories for sisters, residents, staff and volunteers who, in their own ways, call Gleason “home.” Read More


Web Sisters Of St Joseph Sji Staff 2017

St. Joseph Institute: Serving the Unserved

St. Joseph Institute for the Deaf (SJI) recently expanded its location in Brentwood, Missouri. Learn how their new space allows them to better serve their students and their families, both onsite in the classroom and through its innovative online iHear program. Read More

Web Sisters Of St Jospeh Nyakio With One Of Her Many Shelter Kids

Nyakio Kaniu-Lake, CSJA Serves Women in Kenya

For Nyakio Kaniu-Lake, the life mission of serving women in her homeland was fortified by the sisters’ charism of serving the dear neighbor. This neighbor can be your neighbor next door, but it can be your neighbor across waters, across the ocean. And so stretching allowed for me to move farther, spreading the love to the dear neighbor we might not actually see or meet.” Read More

Web Sisters Of St Joseph Paula Rieder Csja Spokes 4 Hope

Associate Volunteer Spotlight: Paula Rieder

Paula Rieder, CSJA has been involved in StreetLight Outreach for approximately six years. During that time her position has evolved from children's activity coordinator to her most recent activities with the Spokes 4 Hope Bike Repair Program and the Finding Our Way Retreats for homeless men and women. Read More

Web Sisters Of St Joseph Small Popefrancis2

An Eco-Friendly Motherhouse

One of the best ways that we feel we can live out the message of Laudato Si is by leading by example. That's why our sisters and staff continually look for ways to make our home, the CSJ Historic Motherhouse, environmentally friendly. Read More


Web Sisters Of St Joseph Ccbf Carondelet Mural 2017 Wall Pic Berresheim Huebner

Carondelet Community Comes Together for Mural Paiting

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On July 8, Sisters Ida Berresheim and Rita Huebner joined other residents of the Carondelet neighborhood to make their mark on a new community mural. Set along the river just south of Bellerive Park, the 300-foot wall became wrapped in a very colorful abstracted, anamorphic map of the area. Read More

Web Sisters Of St Joseph  Fontbonne Gulu Immersion

Fontbonne University's Gulu Immersion Project

Fontbonne University's Gulu Immersion Project, sending group of 10 students, faculty and staff to Uganda "to listen to the people, to hear their stories and learn from their culture. We will visit the maternity clinic, connect with Sacred Heart University and learn about Uganda and its culture all while building relationships with both the Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet and the people of Uganda.” Read More

Web Sisters Of St Jospeh Peggymaguireretirementparty Reduced

A Fond Farewell

The Province Leadership held a special gathering for Peggy Maguire (center), celebrating her years of service. Read More




Web Bw Jennings Barbara 2013

About Change, Not Charity

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Sister Barbara speaks out for change as coordinator of Midwest Coalition for Responsible Investment (MCRI), social justice in action. Read More