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We’ve already committed the time—are you willing to commit a few dollars a month to helping make change happen?

By joining our Monthly Giving Club, you can feel empowered knowing that you’re helping us make an impact where it’s needed most, whether that’s through educating those in need, caring for the Earth or working toward social justice.

“Many people today hunger for spirituality, a sense of belonging and commitment to justice.” —CSJ Acts of Chapter 2013
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Are you already living a life committed to serving your community? Do you currently work or volunteer helping others without discrimination?

Together, we are more: our mission is strengthened every day through our connections to each other and to God, including other Sisters of St. Joseph, associates, friends and partners in mission.

You can join us either as an associate or as a sister.

By becoming a sister, you will join our network of spiritual women who celebrate our relationship with God by praying and serving.

As an associate (female or male), we will support you in your commitment to working and living in ways that serve those around you in need.

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