Motherhouse Makeover: Construction Projects

The first is the work on the archives building to accommodate the consolidated archives for the congregation. The second includes the replacement of 412 windows at the motherhouse along with re-tuckpointing the majority of the motherhouse brickwork.

Joe Wingbermuehle, motherhouse administrator, gives us an overview of the projects as well as an update on their progress.

Why were the motherhouse projects needed?
Due to deferred maintenance and structural deficiencies in the brick work, it was decided we needed to tuckpoint the entire house. Windows needed replacing due to failing windows that were installed back in 2000. It made sense to do both projects simultaneously as the scaffolding would be already be up.

What are their benefits to the house?
These improvements increase energy efficiencies and alleviate the potential for water damage on the interiors. These projects add 50+ years for the longevity of the building and the property.

How is the progress on the archives project?
The congregational consolidated archives project is nearing completion. There has been the addition of a cold-room chamber to the archival storage area in the former North/Laundry Room of the CSJ Ministry building. Shelving is being installed and the moves from other provinces is tentatively scheduled for late summer.  

What companies are we working with on these projects?
Lawlor Construction is working on the archives while BSI Construction is the general contractor for the masonry and windows. 

How has the construction impacted the daily life of the house residents and employees?
The courtyard has been shut down. Thankfully, noise and dust have been minimal. Room disruptions for window installation have been minimal as well. The projects have been met with very understanding arms by the motherhouse community. It’s really struck a chord with me how well the construction workers are working alongside one another, the sisters and staff.