Meet Richard Kranes-Rutz

Richard Kranes-Rutz

A Q&A with 
Mission Advancement's
New Executive Director

Tell us about yourself. 
I was born and raised in Illinois. I attended Saint Louis University and have lived in St. Louis ever since. I draw and play the piano. My spouse and I adopted our son, who we fostered, in 2017. He is the light of our lives. We’ve been foster parents for the last five years and have fostered four children in that time. While only one of them was able to stay with us, they all changed me for the better.

As the executive director, you wear a lot of hats. Can you describe them and do you have a favorite?
I work on every aspect of fundraising including planned giving, grants, annual gifts, special gifts, events, identifying new funding opportunities and donors as well as stewardship of our current donors. I really like planned giving and working with donors who are dedicated to the mission of the sisters. It is a joy to work with the faithful givers that have a real relationship with the sisters and want to do whatever they can to support them.

What are you most excited about in your new position?
Working more closely with the donors and sisters. I really would like this to be an active ministry with everyone involved. No one person can do it all. If it weren’t for the donors and the sisters working hand-in-hand to further the mission and ministries, none of the good work can get done.

What unique skills and perspectives do you bring to the table?
I have 15 years of experience in fundraising and have done pretty much every aspect of it. I have a firm understanding of what it takes to have a successful fundraising program.

Also, my eight-plus years here with the Sisters of St. Joseph as annual fund manager, chief development officer, and director, has given me a good perspective of what the sisters do and stand for, and how important their work is to the community at large.

Are there any major development initiatives coming out that you are excited about?
I am excited to have Marie McGeehan as the new mission advancement manager. We can start analyzing if we are maximizing our potential with our events and fundraising opportunities. It’s important to know what we are doing is relevant and timely. I look forward to collaborating with the sisters to integrate new fundraising opportunities.

What are some of your goals as the new ED? What do you hope to accomplish? I really want this to be a ministry of partnership with the Mission Advancement Office, the sisters and donors. I would be really happy to create a collaborative environment that works towards the same goal—to further the mission and ministries of the sisters, helping all those that are in need. I firmly believe that “together, we are more.”

What do you love about working with the CSJs?
I love their connection to the dear neighbor. If we all lived the same way, the world would be a better place. I have always felt a special connection to St. Joseph, even more so after adopting my son. That unconditional love for a child that is not yours was never fully understood until I experienced it. Joseph’s faith led him in everything he did and the sisters live that to this day. They make me want to be better as a person.