Become an Associate

Bring the CSJ spirit with you wherever you may go.

Together... We are more.

Whether you are a man or woman, single or married, you can join us as an associate and help extend our mission. As an associate, you can share the CSJ spirit in your life without becoming a vowed member.

As an associate, we recognize you as someone who believes in our work and wants to promote social justice while carrying on with your life. You also have the opportunity to join CSJ and serve the dear neighbor through volunteering in our various programs.

We currently have more than 300 associates sharing in our mission. As an associate, you’ll be joining an active community dedicated to moving our mission of loving unity forward.

You may be a good fit if:

  • You’ve realized that life has a deeper meaning and have a desire to further social justice, particularly on behalf of the poor and the marginalized
  • You seek an intentional spiritual journey that is challenging and supportive
  • You’re looking for a faith community to join in prayer, ministry and the celebration of God’s presence in your life
  • Are you committed to community, spirituality and justice?


What is an associate?

Associates are people committed to the mission of loving unity and express it through their lives in their work, family, volunteerism, parishes, communities and more. You do not need to be Catholic to be an associate.

How do I become an associate?

You’ll start by going through an 18-month candidacy period that includes learning about our history, spirituality and mission while getting to know the CSJ community better.

You’ll be sponsored through this process by a sister and once completed, you’ll take formal initial and ongoing commitments with the Sisters of St. Joseph.

You'll emerge from this process more conscious of how to live a life in loving unity not only with yourself but with others, with creation and with the dear neighbor.

What are benefits of becoming an associate?

There are many benefits of becoming an associate, both personally and for the community. You’ll build strong community relationships with those around you and foster a sense of belonging. Life will have a meaningful framework and you will live out the Gospel commandments of love of God and love of neighbor every day.

Where can I learn more about the process?

Contact Kay Komotos with questions or to sign up for a Come and See session where you will meet sisters and associates while learning more about the mission and charism. Kay has been an associate since 2010 and is looking forward to meeting you!