Gulu Project

Giving water, giving life.

From 2008-2018 our sisters served in Northern Uganda, helping to heal and restore the Acholi people living in war-torn Gulu.

By working together with the Acholi people, we helped them to strengthen their communities through a variety of initiatives, with a particular focus on women in children. Today, we continue to support initiatives for the people of Gulu to sustain on their own.

Water purification
We have implemented a water purification program that we sponsor with our partner, Water with Blessings.

This program:

  • Trains women to use simple hand-held water filters, ensuring
    water for their families and three other in their village, multiplying
    the impact

  • Empowers them to become trainers themselves, to ensure our program will be self-sustaining

With this model, just one $60 filter can serve hundreds of people, and have already significantly reduced the occurrences of typhoid and other water-related diseases.

Where one of us is, all of us are ...

The Gulu Project is a ministry the entire CSJ community plays an active role in this project by supplying filters while continuing to support and pray for the Acholi people.

With your donation, you, too, can be with us in Gulu, providing clean water and giving life to those so greatly in need.

You can help TODAY by donating a filter.