Who We Are

As the world changes, our answer remains simple: love of God and neighbor without distinction.

Our Mission

Our mission is to form loving relationships with ourselves, with God, within community, Church, society and all creation. We work toward this mission through the ministries of prayer, direct service, consciousness raising and systemic change.

This mission is as relevant now—if not more so—than it was to the women who founded our congregation over 350 years ago. As the world changes and its problems grow complex, our answer remains simple: live in profound love of God and neighbor without distinction.

A religious order’s charism is its unique spirit, its gift to the church. The charism of the Sisters of St. Joseph is loving unity. It comes directly from Jesus’ prayer, “that all may be one.” (John 17:21) A radical calling in this day and age!

We are always seeking to move toward greater inclusivity. We believe in unifying love that shows respect for diversity in culture and faith … after all, we are all connected to each other and to God!

Together ... we are more!

Our Values

Our values are expressed in a document called Acts Of Chapter. These are directives—belief and commitment statements—that all of us at the Congregation of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet commit to together.

Communion Within the Earth Community

We are committed to ecojustice. We understand nature is a gift given to all of creation, and we ask ourselves how our everyday actions impact our beautiful planet. We strive to realize our impact on the environment. We choose to act with urgency, and look for opportunities to simplify our lifestyle through measurable actions.  We will protect the stability and integrity of Mother Earth today, tomorrow and always.

Church: The People Of God

We are welcoming and embrace diversity. We must speak out when legitimate authority uses power in dehumanizing ways. We choose solidarity and stand with all in our quest for love, inclusion and justice.

Living the CSJ Charism

We live our truth every day, seeking to embody the charism of unifying love. We celebrate our lives as a gift for the church and the world, creatively inviting other to live consecrated life as Sisters of St Joseph. We crave spirituality and create networks that support emerging ways of living the charism.

Claiming Our Oneness

We build relationships. By using current and evolving structures, we can live fully our mission with the dear neighbor, one another, the Church and the Earth community. We communicate, not only to promote our mission, but also to deepen collective identity. We collaborate through experimentation and partnership, maximizing our resources and generating new possibilities for the sake of our mission.

Partnering With New Eyes

We are open to others' perspectives and work for systemic change. We have authentic conversations. We believe in mutuality, respecting every person. By deepening our awareness of this mutuality with all people, we can transform and challenge our worldviews. We strive for partnership, and are committed to exploring new ways of partnering and walking with those who are marginalized.

Our Sisters of St. Joseph Family

The Congregation

We are part of something much larger than ourselves, with a congregation of more than 1,400 vowed sisters and more than 800 men and women who share in our mission. The congregation consists of four provinces: Albany, Los Angeles (including the regions of Hawaii and Japan), St. Louis, St. Paul and the vice provinces, and Peru.

Learn more at csjcarondelet.org.

The Federation

The Federation of the Sisters of St. Joseph is a union including more than 4,200 sisters and 3,000 associates in 16 congregations throughout the United States. We claim a common origin in the foundation at LePuy, France in 1650, and strive to embody a vision of all people united in one community of love, unity and reconciliation through collaborative programs, interaction, prayer and ministry.

Learn more at cssjfed.org.

On St. Joseph

"In honor of Saint Joseph, their patriarch, they will be one in the service of each other, and one in the service of the neighbor without distinction for whom they will try to have cordial charity, as Saint Joseph had for his dear spouse and for the Savior Jesus." - The Reglements of the Sisters of St. Joseph, 1648

It was our first sisters who chose St. Joseph as their patron, and they had the same hopes that we have today—to imitate his life and quiet service. What we aspire to be today is what he has shown us through his service.

Joseph was just a man. He was an ordinary man with extraordinary faith. He believed in justice, and while silent in the Gospels, his actions spoke volumes.

Joseph was a dreamer. He trusted God, let his spirituality lead the way and took risks in faith.

Joseph was a provider. He put family and community first, serving his neighbors without distinction, through “cordial charity.”

Today, the Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet are still ordinary women quietly practicing life-altering generosity so that all may be one, protecting and nurturing God’s word and God’s people. Our “cordial charity” is exhibited in our outreach to the dear neighbor and the hospitality that we show in our efforts to invite everyone to the table in a spirit of inclusivity and justice.