Way We Serve

As our mission calls us, we focus our efforts through the ministries of prayer, direct service, consciousness raising and systemic change.

Serving a World in Need

Whether providing transitional services for women out of prison, support for immigrants and refugees, or education for young women in need, we work with compassion and mercy to make an impact in the communities we serve.

We do this in a way that:

  • heals and reconciles
  • makes known through our lives the Gospel we proclaim
  • enables others to actively continue the mission of Jesus
  • recognizes and defends the human dignity of all persons
  • serves all persons without distinction

Grounded in Prayer

We are called by God’s great love to share that love with others. In our love of God, the Source of all life, we find our unity with the dear neighbor and with all of creation. This relationship of love, which we call prayer, gives life to our lives and our works. That’s why we are called to make our prayer our way of life.

Serving the Neighbor We Call “Dear”

We see in every neighbor the face of God. And so we are energized to serve the dear neighbor wherever we are: at home, at the border, or a continent away. Often this means serving those who are marginalized by society. We do this in direct and indirect ways through education, healthcare, and social services that provide a way out of poverty, insecurity, and fear.

You can find us in schools, hospitals, parishes, shelters, retreat centers, offices, nursing homes, outreach ministries, and a myriad of other places. 

Speaking the Truth in Love

Listening and pondering new ideas and relevant truths—whether they be insights into the universe story, the hidden sins of racism, or the plight of the immigrants—stretches us. Through public statements, letters to our government representatives, public protests, and other peaceful action, we invite others to consider with us life from a different perspective ... one of unity and love.

Bringing New Life to Old Systems

We are all connected. That’s why it’s not enough to feed the hungry; we must ask why they are hungry, so that we can address it. Asking the “why” is what systemic change requires, because it allows us to fix issues at their root. We keep our eyes on the big picture, addressing problems that deny people their dignity and force those in need to bear the burden of unjust systems.

We work for systemic change by serving on boards of directors, by making corporately-responsible investments, and by collaborating with others to create new systems that don’t just better today’s situation—they ensure a better tomorrow.

Sponsored Institutions

Together ... we are more.

Together our sponsored institutions have over 750 years of combined impact on ten of thousands of men, women and children. During the 19th, 20th and 21st centuries, the many Sisters of St. Joseph and their lay partners who staff these holy places have influenced countless lives in building up the mission of Jesus.

Avila University (Kansas City, Mo.) - Be inspired

Avila University provides undergraduate and graduate education in the liberal arts and professional studies, preparing life-long learners who make meaningful contributions to the global community.


Fontbonne University (St. Louis, MO) - Learn more, be more

Fontbonne University is committed to the common good through the daily pursuit of transformative education, inspiring students to become global citizens who think critically, act ethically and serve responsibly.


St. Joseph Academy (St. Louis, MO) - Not I, but we

St. Joseph’s Academy preparatory high school is committed to developing values-driven women leaders. Their approach is one of challenging and enriching each student through rigorous coursework and co-curricular programs while modeling leadership based on compassion and respect.


St. Joseph Institute for the Deaf (St, Louis, Mo. and Indianapolis, Ind.) - Changing lives since 1837

As our founding mission, St. Joseph Institute for the Deaf is committed to listening and spoken language education, spiritual and emotional growth, and personal development of children and young adults who are deaf or hard of hearing, without discrimination, reflecting the values and traditions of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet.


St. Teresa’s Academy (Kansas City, MO) - More starts here

St. Teresa's Academy preparatory high school is committed to the education of young women. The academy is rooted in Christian values and embraces a diverse student body while promoting excellence in education through a challenging curriculum, personal responsibility and participation in extracurricular activities.


Nazareth Living Center (St. Louis, Mo.) - A place to call home

This unique retirement community practices four core values: sacredness, integrity, hospitality and collaboration. Together with the Benedictine Health System, Nazareth participates in the healing mission of Jesus by ministering with compassion and responding creatively to the need of aging persons.