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The ABCs of the CSJ Spiritual Life


The Sister of St. Joseph moves always towards
profound love of God and neighbor without distinction.

The Maxims of Perfection were written by Jean-Pierre Médaille, SJ, a Jesuit priest and spiritual director who founded the Sisters of St. Joseph in Le Puy, France, in 1650. The maxims, 100 practical and inspirational statements, were composed by Jean-Pierre to help the sisters, and all persons, grow in virtue. He wanted all to develop the habits of heart and mind that were "in Christ Jesus." The maxims are still used today, while the sayings have been translated using present-day language for a better understanding.

We invite you to join us in prayer and reflect upon Jean-Pierre's words of wisdom with our ABCs of the CSJ Spiritual Life Maxims, a card deck set featuring 26 of the motivating sayings.

Below are sample cards featuring the maxims on truth, love and joy. 

Click here to view the complete maxim card deck.

The maxim card decks are also available for purchase at $5. (Card size: 2.5 x 3.5)
If you would like to order a deck, contact Madeleine Reilly at or 314-678-0333.

maximtruth maximlove maximjoy
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