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Tom Cooney, S. Suzanne Giblin and Cathy Cooney
Hiking at Maroon Bells, Coloardo
Cathy and Tom Cooney met while attending St. Elizabeth’s elementary school in Kansas City. While they now live in Colorado, their family members still reside in Kansas City, many of whom are members at St. Elizabeth and Visitation parishes.
It was at St. Elizabeth’s where Tom and Cathy first experienced the charism of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet. Taught by a number of sisters, Sisters Mary Florita Vallero and Kathleen Ann Eggleston are the ones they remember best. S. Kathleen taught Tom, Cathy and Cathy’s siblings.
Tom remembers the sisters at St. Elizabeth as having “a discipline, but the discipline was pretty fair and reinforced in study habits.” He credits S. Kathleen as “inspirational to a
lot of my classmates for her interest in math.” Cathy’s father passed away while she was at St. Elizabeth’s. She says, “The sisters were extremely thoughtful and caring and supportive of my mom during that time.”
While attending St. Teresa’s Academy for high school, Cathy became close to her teachers Sisters Suzanne Giblin and Mary Catherine O’Gorman. S. Suzanne had a great influence on her and a friendship blossomed that continues today. “We stayed friends after that and it has grown over the years,” she says. “We click. I have been very lucky.”
In fact, the Cooney’s oldest daughter is named after S. Suzanne. For Cathy, S. Suzanne and all the sisters are a big influence on her values, as well as her perceptions of and her
respect for people. “I think the work they do is key. I support them continuing to do what they do in healthcare, education and social justice. They do what Jesus would do.”
The Cooney’s express this support by donating to the sisters’ retirement needs and ministries, giving to the sisters who continue to stay true to their advocacy for Catholic
women and for all women.“I truly believe in their mission. They have done more
for their communities in health, in education and for the sick than any other group,” Cathy says. “What they are doing needs to continue and it needs to be funded. I believe
they need to be taken care of because of what they have done.

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