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Stop the Belo Monte Dam & Support the Indigenous Peoples of the Xingu River Basin

As we work to protect and restore Earth’s healthy living and support our dear neighbors the indigenous people of the Xingu River in Brazil I ask you to join our colleagues at Amazon Watch in stopping the Belo Monte Dam project.

Against all environmental and human rights reports the Brazilian government is moving forward with a hydro-electric dam project. Not only will this project destroy thousands acres of sacred rainforests and endangered species but also will displace over 18 indigenous communities that rely on this area for livelihood. Once flooded this will never be reclaimed. Even as Brazilian President Dilma Rouseseff addressed the Rio+20 claiming Brazil’s environmental and human rights commitment was strong, local communities were fighting the illegal construction of the Belo Monte Dam. And now the Brazilian Supreme Court has overruled a lower court’s ruling that the dam was illegal and construction has resumed.

And if you feel led, please click here and visit Amazon Watch to learn more and sign the petition to the government of Brazil. All land is sacred and all people are sacred. 

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