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 Just Local Notes: St. Louis Justice Events  

WHAT:  Faith in Ferguson.  Everyone is invited to continue praying for Justice, Peace & Charity.  Join us for prayer and song.  For more information please contact the Parish Office:  314-522-9264.

WHEN:   April 14 – Fr. Leobardo Amlazan, O.P.; May 5, Marie Kenyon.   Each month the program starts at 4:30 p.m.
WHERE:  Our Lady of Guadalupe, 1115 S. Florissant Road, St. Louis, MO 63121
WHO:  Consecrated Life 

WHAT:  Community Coalition for Clemency: You can help 14 Women seek clemency. The purpose of the new organization is to advocate for incarcerated women in Missouri who received sentences that were disproportionate to their crimes, and in many cases, harsher than what anyone would receive in similar circumstances today. The Coalition asks Governor Nixon to reflect on the words of Pope Francis and show mercy to these women. Several of them have life sentences based on crimes committed against domestic and sexual abuse perpetrators. Just recently Pope Francis labeled life-long prison terms as a “hidden death penalty”.
WHEN: Act now and help make the lives of these women and their families better in the new year. Follow the link and add your name to the petition https://www.change.org/p/jeremiah-nixon-grant-clemency-for-14-women-in-missouri-prisons
WHERE:  To learn more about the individual women who need you’re your help visit https://www.change.org/p/jeremiah-nixon-grant-clemency-for-14-women-in-missouri-prisons
WHO:  Coalition for Clemency and Justice for Patty Prewitt

WHAT:  St. Louis Green’s Holiday Light Recycling Drive 2014.  Wondering what to do with you old or unworkable holiday lights?  You can recycle them!  Last year  participants diverted 104,000 pounds of holiday lights from our local landfills.

WHEN:  The drive runs Thanksgiving through mid-January.  This year's goal: 134,000 pounds!

WHERE: Collection bins are located on the Danforth campus.  For a complete list and other Collections sites, visit the St. Louis green website Questions?  Email  sustainability@wustl.edu

WHO:  St. Louis Green

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