Top Ten Ways the Province Motherhouse Stays "Green"

1. Recycling of containers, paper, cardboard, household batteries
2. Use of paper or corn based disposable containers, when used
3. Use of eco-friendly cleaning products & laundry soap
4. Use of low flow shower heads
5. Use of water saving toilets
6. Toilet tissue, facial tissue and guest room note pads are made from recycled products
7. Use of CFL bulbs
8. Motherhouse residents and staff use cloth napkins in the dining room.
9.. Initiated guidelines for conserving heat in the winter by turning off heating units in rooms that are not occupied
10. Use of locally grown foods in our dining room.

Read more about the greening of the motherhouse in the Fall 2011 issue of Connections magazine.

Statement on Climate Change

The Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet recognize the urgency of working to protect and restore Earth's healthy living systems. Motivated by the core belief in the sacredness of all life and creation, we are challenged to become leaders and collaborators to work for systemic change that will enable all to live in right relationship with Earth.

climateClick on the image to read the Sisters of St. Joseph statement on climate change.






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