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Donate now to help provide water filters to villagers in Gulu, Uganda and blessing bags to immigrants at the border.

At our recent Generosity of Joseph Gala, we featured two fund-a-need auctions to benefit the dear neighbors our sisters have served in their ministries. More than $17,000 was raised for our ministry in Gulu, Uganda, providing more families with water filtration systems. And, $400 in donations was raised for Blessing Bags for our ministry at the border, offering basic items for immigrants who have nothing and are allowed to keep nothing when they enter the United States.

Through the generosity of our wonderful gala attendees and donors, we came very close to our fundraising goals for these initiatives. You can help us get there!

We invite you to read about these wonderful programs and participate in our fund-a-needs. Just click on the “Donate now” button for our online giving form and be sure to note in the comment section how to direct your gift.

Thank you for helping us serve the dear neighbor!



  • $60 per filter
  • Goal: $20,000
  • Raised to date (5/1/17): $17,800

Location: Gulu, Uganda

What is the situation? In the villages of Gulu where our sisters serve, the water supply is impure, resulting in illness and mortality, especially in children and infants.

What is the solution? Small water filtration kits and education on how to use them enables the women in the village to provide clean water for their communities.

How are the CSJs involved? The Sisters of St. Joseph have partnered with Water with Blessings, a non profit organization that provides the water filtration kits around the globe. The sisters serving in Gulu train women on how to use the filters. These women, in turn, train other women and the impact spreads.

How has this program helped the people? To date, the sisters have been able to give out 640 filters in 37 villages. With each filter serving a minimum of four families, that puts the impact at more than 18,000 people.

How can you help? With your gift of $65 per water filter, you will be helping four families in Gulu survive and thrive.



  • $25 per bag
  • Overall Goal: $1000
  • Raised to date (5/1/17): $400

Location: El Paso, Texas

What is the situation? After long arduous journeys and stays at immigration detention centers, immigrants coming into the country are not only suffering the effects of their experiences but have few to no possessions they are able to keep, including those for basic self-care.

What is the solution? Small backpacks filled with basic needs such as soap, toothbrushes, etc. are one small way to help immigrants with the basics, providing a sense of dignity to those in need.

How are the CSJs involved? The Sisters of St. Joseph have volunteered at Annunciation House, a center of short-term hospitality that provides new immigrants just out of detention centers with basic needs such as showers, food, rest and clean clothing before travelling to stay with their host family or friends.

How has this program helped the people? This newly developed backpack initiative was born out of the sisters’ experiences at the border. The sisters have helped serve thousands of immigrants coming through Annunciation House since 2014, and have come away knowing how much providing basic needs with a welcoming heart can restore the immigrants’ bodies, minds and spirits.

How can you help? With your gift of $25 per backpack, you will be helping an immigrant and/or immigrant family on the next steps of their journey.

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