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Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet | New Associates from Wisconsin

(Front) Judy Russell, Mary Ellen Albers (Back) Kathy Saari, Isabelle Wiske, Carl Kopczynski, Carrie Arnold, (Middle) Barb Kamp, Lori Lessmiller.
(Not pictured: Sara and Steven Eliasen)


Ten new associates from Wisconsin were welcomed as they made their initial commitment on Feb. 17.

Associates are women and men, married and single, who are called by God to commit to extending the mission and sharing the spirit of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet without becoming vowed members.

Association fosters personal spirituality. "It is my desire to continue to engage on this pathway...to further deepen and develop my spiritual journey."

"I will live a fuller expression of my Catholic beliefs in words and actions in a deeper manner," says Isabelle Whiske. 

Barbara Kamp says, "I am committing to a curiosity of Love's Design...I must constantly be aware and consistently learning of God's presence in all matter of being."

"I commit myself to becoming an instrument of unity, harmony and peace," says Sara Eliasen.

Some are called to the spirituality that the Sisters of St. Joseph profess.

 Judy Russell says,  "I see commitment as an associate as my call from the Holy Spirit to complete the circle of spirituality, unifying love, support, friendship and service that I experienced in high school when I was taught by the sisters."

Steven Eliasen says, "I want to follow in the footsteps of sisters who showed the way as best as I possibly can in an imperfect world."

Association also provides companionship in a loving, supportive community.

"Coming together with my associate community on a regular basis fosters my sense of belonging to something bigger than myself," says Carrie Arnold.

And with that, comes the desire to extend this love in service to the dear neighbor.

"I am committing to a ministry of walking with other on their journey, of being support, present and giving encouragement," says Lori Lessmiller.

Kathi Saari says, "I am promoting and demonstrating both reconciliation and unity, beginning within the small circle of my life and extending it outward to the larger community."

"As an associate, I intend to fulfill this commitment of unifying love through spiritual life, community and service," says Mary Ellen Albers.

There are more than 300 CSJ Associates who bring the CSJ spirit to their jobs, parishes and families as they share their gifts in works of justice and peace, care for the poor and for the earth.

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