STL250: Carondelet News 1905


STL 250: Carondelet News 1905

CSJ Election Makes the Carondelet News in 1905

On May 6, 1905, the election of Rev. Mother Agnes Gonzaga Ryan (pictured) as the mother general of the Sisters of St. Joseph made the papers in the Carondelet News. Our archives has also noted the other news stories in the paper that day, offering an interesting perspective on the times in South St. Louis and the nation.

Mother Gonzaga Elected (an excerpt)

The election of a mother general of the Sisters of St. Joseph was accomplished at the mother house novitiate in Carondelet Tuesday. It was an unusually important ceremony for this order of nuns because the mother general, until the death of the late Rev. Mother Agatha, [Guthrie] had remained the same for more than thirty years. [32 years] Mother Agatha’s death was followed by the temporary succession of the assistant mother general, Rev. Mother Gonzaga [Mary Gonzaga Grand], who filled out the term expiring May 4. The election was held two days earlier than is customary in order that Archbishop Glennon might be present. He left last night for the annual meeting of archbishops at Washington.


Other news in this edition of the paper included...


It is pleasing to note that President Roosevelt practices as he preaches. We are informed that the stork is expected to visit the White House shortly and add to the President’s family.


In some states laws are being framed to force landlords to rent their houses to families with children. Fines of from $10 to $100 for each family that is refused are to be assessed against the landlord.


Now that the railroad company has purchased almost all the property on both sides of the River des Peres between the Mississippi River and Broadway, we may expect to see “something doin’” in that vicinity shortly.


Last week in this city a man who murdered a man was sentenced to two years in the penitentiary and another man was given a like sentence for stealing a pair of trousers from a roommate. Is life becoming cheaper or trousers dearer?


The contractors who have been awarded the contract of paving Broadway from the River des Peres to Steins street should get busy. Appears to us that it would be more pleasant to do such work during the summer than in winter.


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