St. Teresa's Academy Students Visit Motherhouse

For the 22 girls and four adults participating in the recent St. Teresa’s Academy CSJ Leadership Camp, their experience was life-changing.

The campers, who met the first week of summer vacation, journeyed back to the Kansas City’s school’s roots with a visit to the CSJ motherhouse in St. Louis. Their journey far exceeded their expectations.

As the students drove many long hours, they bonded through music and stories. “We started as a group of young women who knew little about each other but are leaving this camp a closer group of sisters,” said one camper.  

Sister Kate [Filla] gave a tour of the motherhouse and shared the building’s history, but in the walls, the students grasped the bigger meaning—our mission of unfinished lace connects our past and present to help build our future. 

The girls formed bonds with each other as well as with the sisters at Nazareth Living Center (pictured). “We learned insights about the elderly and how time may affect the outer appearance but the person’s inner light and spirit always finds a way to shine through.” 

At the motherhouse the students described feeling closer to each other and closer in faith. From wandering about the beautiful chapel to growing in their self-awareness, they discovered the benefits of furthering our spirituality.

Not only have they grown as a group but also as individuals.

“We learned to work through value conflicts while staying true to our own values. We learned that to be a good leader, we must acknowledge others’ values as well as our own.”

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