Sisters Travel to the Border to Help Immigrants

Sister Ida Berresheim Sister Sandra Straub

Sister Ida Berresheim                       Sister Sandra Straub


"In our expression of mission, we commit ourselves: To share the stories and faces of those who live in poverty, are kept on the margins and are most affected by broken systems."  Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet


The Province Leadership has supported Sisters Ida Robertine Berresheim and Sandra Straub in their request to represent the St. Louis province on the El Paso border.


FOLLOW THEIR JOURNEY: Visit our justice blog for updates an


Sister Ida left on Monday, July 7. She previously ministered to immigrants in El Paso for 17 years and will be working with the volunteers.


Sister Sandra left on Friday, July 11. Her role will be based on the needs that present themselves each day, including working directly with the refugees at various centers.


IN THE NEWS: See Sister Sandra on KSDK News Channel 5 talking about her trip: "Nun heads to Texas to Help Immigrants."


Province funding will help with bus tickets for the children, food and any other needs for the ministry. We await to hear back from the two sisters about specific needs after they have had an opportunity to observe. 


PRAY: Please keep them in your prayers. Let us pray:


Help us to see your Spirit in those you send to journey with us.

In the refugee family, seeking safety from violence,
     Let us see your Spirit.

In the migrant worker, bringing food to our tables,
     Let us see your Spirit.

In the asylum-seeker, seeking justice for himself and his family,
     Let us see your Spirit.

In the unaccompanied child, traveling in a dangerous world,
     Let us see your Spirit.

Teach us to recognize that as we walk with each other, you are present.
Teach us to welcome not only the strangers in our midst but the gifts they bring as well: the invitation to conversion, communion, and solidarity.

This is the help you have sent: we are not alone. We are together on the journey, and for this we give you thanks.


—from the Office for Immigrant Affairs and
Immigration Education Archdiocese of Chicago


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