Sister Regina Bartman, CSJ Celebrates Retirement

Regina Bartman Retires

On May 4, family, friends and the St. Matthew the Apostle Catholic Church community came together for a surprise celebration in honor of Sister Regina Bartman, CSJ to celebrate her retirement after more than 35 years of Service at St. Matthew Parish.

“I never thought I would be here as long as I was,” says S. Regina. “But, I thought this was where the Lord wanted me, so I stayed.”

The day was full of surprises including a special Mass featuring all of S. Regina’s favorite songs and a Praise Dance by the liturgical dancers, which included a rose presentation. Afterwards, a horse carriage awaited S. Regina. She, along with friends and fellow CSJs, Sisters Pat Bober, Joan Lampton and Pat Giljum, rode through the Ville neighborhood and on to the Stanley & Clayton Rice Family Center for a dinner reception. Upon entering the center, S. Regina was then given the surprise of a lifetime, a white paper mache airplane with the Swiss flag on it—a trip to visit her family in Switzerland.

“The celebration was wonderful! I had found out that there was a committee planning something for me—even when they were reading the announcements in church, they would ask me to leave. I had not a clue, though, what they were up to. And, well, they planned many great things.”

In 1971, S. Regina was asked by S. John Marie Riley, CSJ if she would like to work at St. Matthew’s. She began as a pastoral assistant while also teaching at St. Matthew’s grade school and then as a pastoral associate for the past 20+ years.

For S. Regina, it has been a privilege and a gift to work with the families during baptisms and burials. The relationships she has built with those and the rest of the St. Matthew’s community are unforgettable. 

“They have been so good and accepting. The greatest gift I have had is the grace of the people here.”

For S. Regina, she is ever grateful to S. John Marie for approaching her with this opportunity. “In 1971 I said, ‘Well, why not.’ And, today I say, thank you very much!”

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