Sister Mary's Justice Notes | September 27

CSJ Justice Notes: September 27, 2017
Historically, St. Louis Has Resisted Pleas for Change
Why, twice in three years, has the St. Louis region been rocked by racial discord displayed on national television? This St. Louis columnist says the answer is as old as the city. Read more.
Embrace Our Discomfort with ‘Black Lives Matter;’ There is No Comfortable Way to Change
During this time of racial tension in St. Louis, activist John Halstead writes that whites have a luxury black people don’t. Whites can be ‘color blind.’ But “blacks live in a culture which constantly reminds them of their blackness.” The author invites us to embrace our discomfort, telling us “There is no comfortable way to change.” Read more
Tell Congress to Stop Funding Immigrant Detention 
Immigration and Customs Enforcement spends over $2 billion a year to detain immigrants in inhumane, often for-profit prisons in the United States.   Congress should protect our communities and stop funding our cruel detention and deportation system. The American Friends Service Committee urges us to tell Congress today to take a stand for compassion and human rights, and stop funding this deadly system.  Learn more. 
Ethicists Issue Statement Supporting Traditional Catholic Teaching against Preventive War
A group of Catholic ethicists has issued a statement affirming their support for the traditional Catholic teaching against preventive war in light of the ongoing tension between the United States and North Korea. The statement addresses its concerns to President Donald Trump and his administration, and urges Christian leaders to speak out about preventive war being contrary to gospel values. The statement currently has 109 signatories “representing a broad spectrum of denominational diversity within the Christian tradition.” Click here to read the entire statement. 
Pope Calls Out Climate Deniers in Wake of Hurricane Irma, Harvey
In the wake of the devastating hurricanes Irma and Harvey, Pope Francis called out climate deniers, stressing that leaders have a "moral responsibility" to act on climate change. But "when you don't want to see, you don't see," he said. "History will judge those decisions." Read more.
Stop Movement toward War with Iran
US intelligence and defense officials have testified that Iran is complying with the nuclear agreement, which has blocked all of Iran's pathways to a nuclear.  Despite this, the Trump administration is starting to misinform and mislead the public about Iran's behavior. Win Without War urges us to tell our lawmakers that we don't want war with Iran. Learn more here.  

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