Sister Mary's Justice Notes | June 14

CSJ Justice Coordinator Sister Mary Flick keeps us informed on the latest social justice news each week. 


Immigration has a Face; Support the Rodriguez Family

Juan Rodriguez is the father of three daughters, two of whom, Rebecca and Karen, are students at Cristo Rey Jesuit Houston High School. Since 2007, Juan has been going to periodic check-ins at the Immigration and Customs Enforcement headquarters in Houston because he is in the United States illegally. But when he showed up for his annual check-in this February he was told that he would be deported back to El Salvador. He was given a reprieve to attend Rebecca’s graduation from Cristo Rey Jesuit, but now he is expected to be deported by the end of June. See the moving story about the family’s situation. The immigration advocacy group FIEL HOUSTON is working to support the Rodriguez family. FIEL is looking to collect 10,000 signatures which will be presented to a judge at a later date, showing support Rodriguez be allowed to remain in the U.S. Sign the petition here.



Does 'Wrong Mind-Set' Cause Poverty or Vice Versa?

Poverty is in some ways a state of mind. Studies show that it can cause people to think less clearly, to sleep less well, to contend with distraction and to internalize shame. But it's the experience of deprivation that leads to the mind-set, researchers say. It's not the mind-set that leads people into poverty, or that explains why many never escape it. Read more.



What Is Food Insecurity and What Does It Look Like In America?

Food insecurity refers to a lack of access to enough food for an active, healthy life for all household members. Feeding America has created an interactive map of the U.S. that indicates the numbers of people struggling with hunger and the food banks that serve them. Read more.



Wonder in the Nature of God

Take a few minutes and celebrate the beauty and magnificence of God’s creation.  Watch the video here.



Military Expenditure Nears $1.7 Trillion in 2016

World military expenditure is estimated to have been $1686 billion in 2016, equivalent to 2.2 percent of the global gross domestic product or $227 per person. American military spending dwarfs that of every other nation in the world. Second-place China spent barely one-third as much on its armed forces.



Human Trafficking: 'Victims Are Very Reluctant to Step Forward'

In the fight against trafficking, it is crucial to understand the way it is linked to migration. A common misconception is that victims are always kidnapped. While this is true in some cases, it is often intentional migration which makes people vulnerable and at risk of ending up in a situation where they are trafficked. Read more.



Tell Congress to Promote Disarmament

The Lee-Quigley-Blumenthal letter in the House is an effort to promote saner nuclear weapons policies during the next Nuclear Posture Review. It would reaffirm U.S. leadership for reducing the role and number of nuclear weapons globally. Peace Action invites us to urge lawmakers to sign the Lee-Quigley-Blumenauer letter in the House or to author a similar letter in the Senate.  Click here to participate.



8 in 10 People Worldwide Fear 'Catastrophic' Climate Change

A majority of people in eight countries say they are ready to change their lifestyles if it would prevent climate catastrophe, a survey on global threats has found. The poll of 8,000 people in eight countries-the U.S., China, India, Britain, Australia, Brazil, South Africa, and Germany-found that 84 percent of people now see climate change a "global catastrophic risk." Read more.



June 16, 2017

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