Sister Mary's Justice Notes | June 13

CSJ Justice Notes: June 13, 2018
Call Your Senators and Tell Them to Keep Families Together at the Border
Our nation is facing a crisis of conscience. Over the past few weeks, the media and the public have become more aware of the abuse of power by immigration officials separating children from their family members at the U.S. border. NETWORK says the best thing to do is call your Senator: 1-888-897-9753 now to raise the political will to address this crisis. When you call, here's what you might say: “Hi, my name is [NAME] and I am a constituent from [CITY/TOWN]. I am outraged over reports of family separation at the U.S. border, and I am calling because I want you as my elected official to do something about it. There are some legislative proposals, like the HELP Separated Children Act of 2018 and the Keep Families Together Act that would address this problem. Does the Senator support this legislation? What else are they doing to address family separation at the border?” If you are asked for bill numbers the HELP Separated Children Act is S. 2937 and the Keep Families Together Act is S. 3036. 
Chicago Archdiocese Creates New Violence Prevention Program, Position
Phil Andrew, a gun violence victim himself, has joined the Chicago Archdiocese in a new position, director of Violence Prevention Initiatives, a task he believes is as much about changing hearts as it is about changing laws.  Andrew, a member of St. Francis Xavier Parish in the Chicago suburb of Wilmette, believes that solutions to violence, whether in suburban schools or on the streets of the Austin neighborhood, will happen only if people come together and overcome divisions and political polarization. "The only people who benefit from us being divided is an industry that sells guns," he said. Read more.
Consider Offering Pope Francis’ Prayer for Our Earth
During this season of growth, consider using Pope Francis’ Prayer for Our Earth. Originally offered at St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome, the pope addresses our Triune God, and prays that we might protect all life and prepare for a better future. 
Religious Leaders Discuss Overcoming Polarization through Dialogue, Dispelling Fear
What are the roots of our current state of cultural discontent and division? What role can Catholic social teaching play in bringing together a divided nation? The role of fear and the need for ongoing dialogue were featured at a June 3 panel discussion at Georgetown University. Panelists included the archbishops of L.A. and Chicago, as well as the president of LCWR. More information here.
Tell Cargill to End Its Role in Tropical Deforestation
Cargill is a big player in the world's food business, from palm oil to soy to beef and beyond. Deforestation is on the rise in areas of Brazil where Cargill sources commodities like soy, the cultivation of which has been linked to deforestation. Tropical forests like these are crucial to protecting endangered species and slowing global warming. Environment Iowa urges us to tell Cargill to end its role in tropical deforestation. Visit this website.
Vatican Offices Decry 'Profoundly Amoral Culture' of Global Financial System
Two Vatican offices have taken the global financial system to task, decrying in a new document the way markets primarily serve the world's wealthiest minority and stress profit to an extent that creates "a profoundly amoral culture." They also warn that global markets are returning to past heights of "myopic egoism" 10 years after the financial crisis of 2008. Read more.
Are LA Hospitals Really Dumping Homeless Patients On the Streets?
Homelessness is surging in many parts of the US, including by more than one-fifth in Los Angeles last year, and hospitals are struggling to shoulder the burden. In some cases, advocates complain of what they call "patient dumping" - when homeless patients are discharged not to shelters or temporary housing but to the streets, where it can be impossible to follow a treatment plan and there is a higher likelihood that they'll fall ill again. More information here.

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