Sister Mary's Justice Notes | January 3

CSJ Justice Notes: January 3, 2018
Morning of Reflection on “The Cost of Justice” Set for Jan. 20
“The Cost of Justice: The Life and Death of Blessed Stan Rother,” a morning of reflection inspired by the Church’s recent beatification of American-born priest, Stan Rother, will be held Saturday, Jan. 20, 2018, 9-11:30 a.m. in the Celestine Room. Sandra Spencer, a former missionary, was a parish neighbor of Rother in Guatemala for 16 years, until his murder by Guatamalan military forces in 1981. In addition to her personal account of his life story, she will offer a brief historical context of the uprising in Guatemala and its interrelatedness to the simultaneous development of U.S. counter-insurgency in Viet Nam, South America and Central America, and the rise of U.S. corporate power worldwide. The reality of the global community is made personal in the story of Father Rother’s life and death. There is no cost for the morning, but registration is required. A continental breakfast will be served. The morning is sponsored by the Province Justice Office. To register, contact
A Journey through a Land of Extreme Poverty: Welcome To America
The UN's Philip Alston is an expert on deprivation - and he wants to know why 41 million Americans are living in poverty. The Guardian joined him on a special two-week mission: starting in LA and San Francisco, sweeping through the Deep South, traveling on to the colonial stain of Puerto Rico then back to the stricken coal country of West Virginia, he explored the collateral damage of America's reliance on private enterprise to the exclusion of public help. Read more here.
California Makes Human Trafficking Education Mandatory
California has implemented new laws to ensure teachers are trained to educate schoolchildren on the warning signs of human trafficking - as well as on how to get help if they are in a dangerous situation.   Starting in ninth grade, students learn about 'Romeo' pimps who feign romantic interest to lure in vulnerable children, 'guerilla' traffickers who use force and coercion, and fake businessmen who promise modeling careers that lead to sex slavery. More here.
Prevent Sex Trafficking Online While Maintaining Internet Freedom
The Senate, tech community, and the anti-trafficking field are coming together to find a solution for the growing problem of commercial websites like facilitating human trafficking through their business practices. Polaris invites us to tell Congress to fight human trafficking online by passing the Stop Enabling Sex Traffickers Act.  Click here.
US Could Broaden Its Use of Nuclear Weapons, Trump Administration Signals
The Trump administration signaled that it could broaden the use of nuclear weapons as part of a new security strategy, unveiled by the president this week.  The wider role for nuclear weapons against "non-nuclear strategic attacks" was one of several ways in which Trump's approach differed from his predecessor. Read more.
Which is Better for the Earth, Plastic or Paper?
Which is better for the environment, paper or plastic bags? Actually, both kinds of bags are quite wasteful, and not really necessary since reusable bags are readily available. More here.

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