Sister Mary's Justice Notes Jan. 31

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Some Are Surprised to Learn Catholic Sisters Support Certain Issues

Women religious — who are usually outside of political debates — have not been immune to Americans' rancor in recent years. Stances congregations have held for decades or even centuries have become controversial in some circles, even affecting communities’ donor base. "That shouldn't matter to anything we stand for," Erie, Pennsylvania, Benedictine Sister Linda Romey said. "We cannot compromise our values so that we keep donors. It's our integrity we're talking about." Read more:

Weather Channel Takes Stand on Climate Change

The Weather Channel website took a stance on climate change last Thursday, posting a banner that blared "THERE IS NO CLIMATE CHANGE DEBATE," and linked to a series of stories showing its effect. The company posted a statement detailing its "United States of Climate Change" project that will focus on such stories, but will not debate the science of climate change. "We're going to see how individuals, communities and businesses are responding to the changes that are already happening in America, and how they're preparing for the changes that have yet to occur," the website wrote. To view the United States of Climate Change site go to:

With Trump in Washington, U.S. Bishops Enter Policy Debates More Often in 2017

A new presidential administration and a new Congress kept the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops as busy as ever in addressing public policy issues during 2017. Hardly a week passed without at least one reaction, statement or commentary, all based on traditional Catholic social teaching, on a public policy matter from a U.S.C.C.B. committee chairman or other conference officers. Read more:

Super Bowl’s Stadium is Energy Efficient – in More Ways Than One

All those watching the Super Bowl this weekend, take heart: there’s a good chance the Minneapolis stadium roof won’t collapse — as its predecessor the Metrodome’s did in December 2010.

That’s because U.S. Bank Stadium, which opened in 2016, features a sleek, practical roof made of a material that lets the snow fall off the roof into a gigantic snow gutter. This transparent material, Ethylene Tetrafluoroethyl (ETFE), also saves energy. It allows natural sunlight into the stadium, giving the venue a natural, outdoorsy feel, while also allowing solar thermal heating that redistributes warm air in the winter and pumps cold air in the summer. Read more:

Missouri House Passes Bill on Human Trafficking Posters

Missouri truck stops, bus stations, some hotels and other businesses would be required to hang posters advertising the national human trafficking hotline under the first bill passed by the state House this year. Businesses that would be required to hang the poster also include strip clubs, hotels and motels cited as public nuisances for prostitution, airports and women's health centers. Read more:

Tell Congress to Work Together for a Solution for Dreamers

The fate of nearly 1.8 million Dreamers remains uncertain as Congress has yet to reach a bipartisan deal to protect these youth. The short-term spending bill passed on January 22 did not include protections for Dreamers. Now every day that passes, DACA youth fall out of status and lose their ability to go to school, serve in the military, and work legally. Justice for Immigrants urges us to tell Congress to work on a solution for these young people. Go to:

Latest Chapter in Adorers Pipeline Case Unfolds with Appeals Argument

The fight by the Adorers of the Blood of Christ against a natural gas pipeline went to an appeals court Friday, January 19, as their attorneys argued that the case should be heard by a lower court that had dismissed it. The sisters were appealing the U.S. District Court's decision, in August 2017, to dismiss their claim that the building of a pipeline through their land violated their religious freedom. They argue that the Eastern District of Pennsylvania inappropriately dismissed their religious freedom challenge for a lack of jurisdiction. Read more:

Panera Offers to Help Rivals ‘Clean Up’ Menus

Panera Bread Co., a pioneer in serving “clean” restaurant food, has started a consulting service to help other chains remove artificial preservatives, sweeteners, flavors and colors from menus. The bakery/café chain’s “clean consultant” services include helping clients find ways to source healthier and more natural ingredients. Read more:

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