Sister Mary's Justice Notes | February 14

CSJ Justice Notes: February 14, 2018
The World Can Change a Lot in 40 Days
Iowa Interfaith Power and Light has created a Lenten Commitment to Mindful Purchasing calendar. Each day, a suggestion is given to help us become more mindful in our use and purchase of material things. “Less is more” adds meaning to our lives with more focus on family, community and friends, and more time for service and quiet. See the attachment.
Consider Committing to Dreamers for Lent
Today, consider committing to prayer and fasting for Dreamers on Ash Wednesday – and throughout Lent. As part of your Ash Wednesday fast, take a moment to reflect on the difficult situation confronting the Dreamers and commit to acting in solidarity with them as they fight for protection from deportation. As Congress faces critical immigration votes this week, plan to call the offices of your senators and representatives and let them know what you think. The Capitol Switchboard number is (202) 224-3121. Calls from people of faith matter. Calls from Catholic sisters are persuasive. Plan to call this week.
What Catholic Social Teaching Says About Sexual Harassment
The cornerstone of Catholic social teaching is the defense of human dignity. Every person has innate and infinite dignity imparted by God. All actions in and by society may be judged as just or unjust, good or sinful, based on whether or not they uphold this fundamental dignity intrinsic to every human life. Here are three reasons why sexual harassment violates Catholic social teaching. First, sexual harassment violates the dignity of the person being harassed. Second, it is a violation of participation. Finallysexual harassment is a violation of the dignity of work. Read more here.
Payday Lending: A Cycle of Debt and Desperation
During the past year, payday lenders and those who issue car-title loans have taken more than $8 billion in fees and interest from families in the U.S. who took out loans that operate as debt traps. Now some in Congress, with the support of the Trump administration, want to repeal a tough new rule crafted by the Obama administration to curtail the practice of payday lending. Read more.
Illinois to Include Human Trafficking Information for Truckers
The Illinois Secretary of State will now be required to include information on human trafficking in its commercial driver's license curriculum and study guide information.  According to Kaylla Lanier, Deputy Director of Truckers Against Trafficking, it is becoming more common for industries to include human trafficking in their training.   She says educators, hairdressers, and medics are among those learning to recognize it. For more click here.
Bigger, Faster Avalanches, Triggered by Climate Change
Climate change was the culprit behind two major glacial collapses that caused massive avalanches in Tibet in 2016, a new study suggests. As glaciers around the world retreat from warming temperatures, and as more rainfall saturates the ground beneath them, scientists warn these rare collapses could happen more frequently. More information here.

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