Sister Mary's Justice Notes | December 13

CSJ Justice Notes: December 13, 2017
‘Creating Racial Harmony’ Workshop, Liturgy Feb. 4 at Motherhouse
Creating Racial Harmony: Speaking Truths to Ourselves and the Community, will be held Sunday, Feb. 4, 9 a.m.-2:30 p.m at the CSJ Motherhouse. A 2:30 p.m. Mass will follow, celebrated by Father Art Cavitt, director of the Lawanga Center, and featuring a combined gospel choir from St. Elizabeth and St. Nicholas Catholic Churches. The workshop will feature a presentation by Amy Hunter, manager of diversity and inclusion at St. Louis Children’s Hospital, as well as large- and small-group sessions. Cost for lunch is $10. Seating is limited and reservations are required. Registration deadline is Jan. 26. It is sponsored by the province’s Multicultural Justice Committee. To register, contact Kay Komotos at
Advent Resource Kit Deepens Call to Care for and Love the Earth
The Global Catholic Climate Movement has produced an Advent resource kit to help us deepen our own sense of love for the world and reflect on the call to care for our common home and live out that call through concrete actions. For new Advent resources that lead us in our eco-spiritual reflection, click here
Every Justice Concern is Entangled with Racial Injustice, Father Massingale Says
Father Bryan Massingale tells Ignatian justice leaders, that “every significant justice concern we have is entangled with and aggravated by racial injustice against persons of color.” He also defines obstacles to honest racial truth-telling, and urges us to live the Ignatian magis (the “more”), which he defines as “the sacred, holy restlessness that leaves us dissatisfied and longing for what lies beyond us.” View his talk here
No Unconstitutional Strike against North Korea
A bill in the House of Representatives seeks to stop an unconstitutional attack against North Korea. The bill, H.R. 4140, would prohibit the president from launching a first strike against North Korea without congressional approval. The bill also calls on the president to engage in diplomacy to reach a peaceful outcome.  The Nuclear Age Peace Foundation asks us to encourage our Representatives to become co-sponsors of the bill. Click here.
Climate Scientists Watch Their Words, Hoping to Stave Off Funding Cuts
There's been a steadily decreasing number of uses of "climate change" in the title or summary of grants awarded by the National Science Foundation this year, a National Public Radio analysis suggests. Scientists appear to be self-censoring under the Trump administration, using terms like "extreme weather" instead. Read more.
Tell Congress: Stop Border Militarization
President Trump wants to further militarize our southern border in exchange for providing relief for DACA recipients-immigrants who were brought to the U.S. as children. But walls and other border enforcement have led to thousands of migrant deaths and abuse at the hands of Border Patrol agents.  The American Friends Service Committee urges us to tell Congress to stop the deadly militarization of our nation's borders. Here.
What Experts Know About Men Who Rape
In an effort to understand sexual violence, researchers have attempted to study perpetrators to identify commonalities.  Indeed, there are certain tendencies which have emerged over the last 40 years.  Clarifying these and other patterns, many researchers say, is the most realistic path toward curtailing behaviors that cause so much pain. Read more.

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