Sister Catherine Durr Receives Volunteer Award

craminawardSisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet | Sister Catherine Durr Receieved Cramin Volunteer Award
Deborah Wilson and Sister Catherine Durr

During their Feast Day ceremony on March 18, the St. Joseph Institute for the Deaf honored Sister Catherine Durr with the 2011 Cramin Volunteer Award for her significant volunteer commitment to SJI.

S. Catherine began her service at SJI in 1992 when she joined the board of directors. It was only a few days later that she offered to become the interim president for six months, a role which she took on for a second time in 2002.

A skilled director and manager, S. Catherine admits to not being an expert in education, but her commitment to the mission of the school inspired her to delve into the experience.

When first taking on the role of interim president, she took time to observe the staff closely. She recalls watching deaf educator Barb Meyers work so patiently for three days with a 3-year-old child to teach him to say the letter “p.”

“I was very moved by the passion and dedication of the staff,” said S. Catherine.

S. Catherine continues to serve on SJI’s board and is a valued advisor in the areas of governance, human resources and policy. She has also served on the boards of the Kirkwood Library, HealthLink and Nazareth Living Center.

“She has been building the capacity of institutions in the St. Louis community and making a difference in the lives of St. Louisans for more than five decades,” says Deborah Wilson, SJI president and longtime time friend of S. Catherine’s. “She has contributed these same talents and skills to making St. Joseph Institute stronger and better. In doing so, she has impacted the lives of the students we serve as well as the staff at SJI for nearly 30 years.”

The Cramin Volunteer Award was established in 2003 and named for Paul and Grace Cramin, grandparents of J.J., an SJI alumni. Paul and Grace are longtime volunteers and supporters of SJI.

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