Sister Amy Hereford Receives Award

Sssters of St. Joseph of Carondelet | Amy HerefordSister Amy Hereford, CSJ, attorney canonist, received an award from the Missouri Bar Association for Pro Bono legal service to the St. Louis community in the past year. Her service included advice to religious and non-profit organizations and assistance provided in the low-income tax clinic that operates every spring from St. Mary's High School in South St Louis. She also serves as part of the organizing team for the 2012 Online Symposium on Consecrated Life that has drawn participation from around the globe.

“Religious life is at an important place in its ongoing story,” says Amy. “Every congregation is founded with a few people who seek a new way to live and serve; we call this the charism. As these communities move through history, each generation has the privilege of discovering something new about the charism as they incarnate it in new times and places. Our own times call communities to dig deeply into their charism and ask what it means to live it in these challenging times as we are seeing endings and new beginnings.”

In addition to her legal practice with religious and nonprofit organizations, she continues to provide educational programs for religious leadership and finance personnel and has publications in the past year including the following:

Hereford, Amy. “Alternatives for Aging Institutes: Issues and Options.” RCRI Bulletin 6 (2011): 7-24.

———. “Associates of Religious Institutes: a Way Forward....” RCRI Bulletin 7 (2012): 4–20.

———. “Canon 584: Merging of Institutes.” Roman Replies and CLSA Advisory Opinions (2011): 76–79.

———. “Canon 644: Education Loans of Those Entering Religious Communities (Advisory Opinion).” Roman Replies and CLSA Advisory Opinions (2010): 93–94.

———. “Immigration for Religious.” Religious Law and Consultation Newsletter 121 (2011).

———. Nonprofit, Tax-exempt Corporation Workbook. CSJ Ministries, 2011.

———. “Obligations and Rights of Leadership of Religious Institutes.” Religious Law and Consultation Newsletter 124 (2012): 1–4.

———. Screening Instrument for Candidates for Religious Life - A Workbook. CSJ Ministries, 2012.

For more information about S. Amy's legal services, visit her Web site,

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