Sister Amy Hereford Publishes Articles

Sister Amy Hereford, canon lawyer, had several articles published in fall 2010 and spring 2011. See the list below that includes articles developed from her studies in theology and canon law in Louvain, as well as articles developed as part of her ministry of serving the legal needs of religious communities.

“I enjoy writing. It gives me the opportunity to research an issue, to think it through and to communicate that understanding to others...I especially like to engage readers who have comments or questions on my articles, because it expands and enriches my ideas.”

A civil lawyer for more than 15 years with the past five in private practice in St. Louis, Sister Amy serves the legal needs of religious institutes and nonprofit organizations providing advice, consultation and education.

She also offers presentations to attorneys, both locally and nationally, on matters of civil and canon law.

Now as a canon lawyer and as one of the small but growing number women in Canon Law Society of America, Sister Amy is able to expand her to fully meet the distinct needs religious today.

"I am passionate about religious life, now and into the future, as we witness to the Gospel and serve the needs of the most vulnerable in our communities and in our world," says Sister Amy. "I enjoy working with religious, helping them to maximize their effectiveness while meeting new challenges."

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Hereford, Amy. “Canon 644: Education Loans of Those Entering Religious Communities (Advisory Opinion).” Roman Replies and CLSA Advisory Opinions (2010): 93-94.

———. “Civil and Canonical Issues in Transfer of a Member to Another Religious Institute.” RCRI Bulletin 4 (2010): 11-20.

———. “Consecrated Life in the Ecclesiology of Vatican II.” Review for Religious 70, no. 1 (2011).

———. “Put Out into Deep Waters: The Experience of Transfer.” Human Development 31, no. 3 (2010): 11-18.

———. “The Mistress of Vision: Feminine Images of God in Francis Thompson.” The Way 50, no. 1 (2011): 71-83.

———. “The Sponsored Ministry Corporation of the Religious Institute or Society.” Religious Law and Consultation Newsletter 111, no. 4 (2010): 1-4.

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