Poems for this Holy Season



A Time of Joy
by Sister Marian Cowan, CSJ

Neighborhoods begin to glow:
A string of lights here,
A candle in the window there;
Today it is two homes,
Tomorrow, three or four;
Bit-by-bit the glow grows brighter,
Like the pre-dawn sky
When fingers of light
Turn dark clouds pink
And rosier still;
Until the blessed moment
When the womb of night
Can no longer hold the sun
And a new day is born.
The Light has come.

Within me there is new life stirring.
(A young woman of Galilee
Is yielding, relinquishing her girlhood
As she’s becoming new:
A mother,
Light-bearer for Earth.)

No season of penance, this,
But a time of letting-go joyfully,
Of all I gladly decline
As I, too, welcome the growth,
The Spirit, Light that will burst forth
From the womb of my own darkness
As I further mature into
New motherhood
Gratuitous generativity
And the Light shines new upon Earth:
My destiny.



And she shall bear a Son...Mt. 1, 21
by Sister Jean Paul Selissen, CSJ

Mother of the Savior,
the Promised One,
the Christ Child long foretold,
Gifted as Christ bearer
Mary was called to be the Christ sharer.

Impelled by the words of the angel,
Mary hastened to Elizabeth,
A holy sharing it was as she faced
A woman truly blessed and graced .

John, the babe in the womb leapt for joy
As Mary acknowledged the mercy of God
In sending the Son to all who would come and adore
For endless ages evermore.

Assisted by the angels’ song on high,
Alert to omens in the sky,
Lowly shepherds and mighty kings,
Travel with gifts their praise to bring.

When the Presentation time arrived,
His eyes having see the salvation of God,
Simeon knew just Who had come.
And in belief, he finds relief; his work is done.

Anna too knew the ache of Simeon’s waiting
For the unfolding of redemption’s story
Destined to bring sorrow to his mother’s heart
In which we too have a part.

Gifted in Baptism, we too carry the Child in our heart
Ready to be birthed in chance meetings
Along the streets of life
Even in the midst of strife.
Let us with open minds pursue
Each gifted revelation anew.

As we celebrate that Holy Night
We pray we keep Him in our sight.
As Christ sharers we long for the day
When we shall say
“Now dismiss your servant O Lord.”

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