Nun Run 2011 Supports Women Discerning Vocation


Nun Run Participants: Golden Harada, Sister Linda Markway, CSJ , Sarah Ampleman, Kelsey Robb, Sister Kathleen Eiler,CSJ, Sister Ellen Horn, OSF

Every journey may begin with one step, but for three women discerning religious vocations, their journeys began with a "run."

The Journey and Dream weekend, affectionately known as the "Nun Run," was held January 14-16 in which the women visited the Franciscan Sisters of Our Lady of Perpetual Help, the Poor Clare Sisters and the Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet.
"The participants experienced the flavor of the three different communities," says Sister Kathleen Eiler, CSJ, a member of the vocations team for the Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet. "Each person needs to listen to her heart and find the community that shares her spirit."

"All three communities gave me input, which will be a great help in my discernment," says Golden Lori Harada of Council Bluff, Kansas.

The participants also heard the sisters' testimonies of their call to religious life, witnessing how God works through each individual in different ways.

"Hearing all the stories helped me to realize how unique each journey is, and how my process doesn't have to fit a mold," says Kelsey Robb, a senior at Washington University's Olin School of Business.

Sarah Ampleman, campus ministry intern at the Catholic Student Center at Washington University, feels the experience put a "real face" on what it means to serve God in a life of total commitment. "It helped me to see the beauty of saying yes to God, and in this process, saying yes to becoming one's true and best self."

Robb is grateful for the generous hospitality and heartfelt support she experienced with the sisters. "As I look back on the weekend, I recognize how God's presence works through me and those around me, leading me along the way," she says. "It was an experience that could not come from reading or hearing about this way of life, only through living it."


Dinner at the Nun Run.

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