Kansas City Associates Make Commitments

In October, 10 people in the Kansas City area made their initial or ongoing commitments as associates of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet.  Many of the associates make their connection with the sisters as employees of CSJ-sponsored institutions, as these 10 have come to us from Avila University and St. Teresa’s Academy (STA).  They are:

Ongoing Commitments
Barbara McCormick, STA
Julia Beradi, STA
Rafael Ramirez, STA
Kelly Armstrong, Avila
Amy Bucher, Avila
Bailey Carr, Avila
Darby Gough, Avila
Cathy Taylor-Osbourne, Avila

Initial Commitments
Eva Collins, Avila
Paige Illum, Avila

There are more than 300 CSJ Associates--women and men, married and single--who are called by God to commit to extending the mission and sharing the spirit of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet without becoming vowed members.

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For some, the relationship with the sisters calls them to take that next step. Bailey Carr says, “I feel truly blessed to be a part of a group of women (in my case) who have helped guide me spiritually, personally and emotionally.”

“I am pleased to continue my association with the Sisters of St. Joseph because I see in them as women of integrity,” says Amy Bucher.

For others, it is the spirituality that invites them into the charism. “I wish to continue as a CSJ Associate because it helps keep a meaningful framework to my life,” says Darby Gough.

Cathy-Taylor Osbourne says, “I wish to continue to incorporate the maxims in my daily life, in my relationships, my work, my life and in the Church.”

Paige Illum believes in the unity and reconciliation written about in our earliest documents and wishes to prayerfully and reflectively live this out by serving as “a source of light to those with whom I come in contact.”

An openness of spirit is what invites others to join. Eva Collins says, “I hope to live out this commitment by remaining centered with the Holy Spirit, to continue to strive for excellence tempered by gentleness while passing no judgment toward another.”

Barbara McCormick says, “Being receptive and welcoming change will allow me to support the association’s commitment to God’s great love for all persons and all creation.”

“I am continuing my commitment by accepting others where they are in life, integrating the integrity and diversity of the CSJ community into my life,” says Julia Berardi.

And at the heart of the mission and of the associates is the desire to live the Great Love of God.

Kelly Armstrong commits to strive to see each situation as an opportunity to let God love through her, to “step out of love’s way … and to recognize love by giving and receiving it from my dear neighbor.”

“I want to continue to learn more about God with this loving and caring association,” says Rafael Ramirez. “What a wonderful journey it has been.”



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