CSJs Rally at School of Americas Vigil

On Nov. 18-20, more than a dozen Sisters of St. Joseph and associates rallied with thousands of activists, people of faith, students, immigrants and others at the prayer, protest and pilgrimage outside the gates of Fort Benning, Ga., to stand up for justice and to close the School of Americas (SOA/WHINSEC).

SOA is a school funded by the U.S. military and our tax dollars that trains-in all Spanish-soldiers from Latin and South American countries. These soldiers have been implicated of and convicted many times over of murders, massacres and "disappearances" of local people.

Workshops and training sessions held throughout the vigil included a range of connected issues including globalization and militarization, the Occupy Movements, funding for wars that could be better spent on schools, healthcare or roads, human trafficking and comprehensive immigration reform in the United States.

For more information about the event and to view photos, click here.

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