CSJs Lobby Against the Death Penalty

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Sisters Marian Therese, Joyce, Rose, Michael Therese and Justice Coordinator Associate Diana Oleskevich at Lobby Day on February 18.

Sister Michael Therese Bauer, with Sisters Marian Therese Muehlbauer and Joyce Landreman brave the cold to lobby for the moratorium on the death penalty in Jefferson City, Missouri.


It's About Relationships

On February 19 CSJ Justice Coordinator, Associate Diana Oleskevich, along with Sisters Michael Therese Bauer, Marian Therese Muehlbauer, Joyce Landreman and Rose McLarney walked the long halls of the Missouri Capitol in Jefferson City to lobby elected legislators for a moratorium on death penalty sentencing. The Lobby Day was sponsored by Missourians to Abolish the Death Penalty.

“It’s all about relationships,” says Diana. “We spoke with many representatives, had lively conversations and made connections.”

Sister Michael Therese enlisted support from one representative who said, “Yes, Sisters. This week I will sign on!”

“It was a valuable experience and I’m so glad I made the trip,” says Sister Joyce Landreman.

Oleskevich says, “It was a day of grace and energy for life. We felt the presence of St. Joseph and the power of prayers helping us to make a difference in the lives of those on death row.”

The relationship building continued on February 20, with Representative Sue Schoemehl visiting the sisters at CSJ sponsored Nazareth Living Center. (Schoemehl is the representative from Nazareth’s district in St. Louis.)

“She spoke in support of the moratorium and other bills that reflect the strong values of the sisters of St. Joseph,” says Oleskevich. “The sisters appreciated her insights on how the legislature operates.”

For ways you can support the moratarium visit  http://www.moabolition.org.

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