CSJs Deepening Communion With Earth

Karen Monroe

By Associate Karen Monroe

Jesus tells us whatever we do to the least one, we do to him.

Pope Frances invites us to see our Beloved Communities as sacred with responsibility for honor and care for Poor of the world including Earth Communities in Laudato Si. “The universe as a whole, in all its manifold relationships, shows forth the inexhaustible riches of God” (22). God’s generosity and abundance calls forth our own inherent compassion and “great love for God and all the dear neighbors.”

As stated in the CSJ Congregational Calls to Action 2013, "We believe that our lack of consciousness and our activities have placed Mother Earth in crisis … Therefore, we commit ourselves to act with urgency to protect her stability and integrity and to celebrate her beauty wherever we are."  

Our charism is truly prophetic in recognizing our communion with God and all that is.  Our inherent compassion listens to the cries of Earth. It calls us forth to reawaken our sense of longing for more personal and systematic recognition of Earth communities' pain. It calls us to readjust our current addiction to consumption driven by an illusion of  progress defined by commodities  rather than relationships.

Our earth is waking up in the blossoming consciousness of communion and sacred possibilities for more compassionate relations among and between Earth Communities and humans. Open our hearts to the groaning of Earth in the pain of all our dear neighbors. 


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