CSJs Attend National Catholic Youth Convention


Clare Bass, CSJ candidate, works the booth at the convention.

by Sister Sarah Heger

Envision 24,000 high school students in cow suits, climbing inflatable walls, and wearing felt bishops' mitres and one get a quick snapshot of the National Catholic Youth Convention held in Indianapolis in early November.

Our CSSJ Federation booth was quite popular with its, "Tying the world together in unifying love," neon shoelaces and "I (heart) God" temporary tatoos. The gimmicks, however, were only a ploy to gather people young and old to share our life, make connections, and plant vocational seeds that God is left to water. While the surface image seems to be nothing but silliness, the high school and college students were reverent in their prayer and sincere in their search.

Overwhelming the flashing neon mohawks and glasses rims that filled the Colts' stadium for the closing Mass was a celebration of Thanksgiving profound in its spirit of unity and joy. While not a recruiting trip expecting immediate fruition, the Spirit was and is certainly alive in the inspiring, young church that the CSSJs present were excited to invite.

Below: Sister Sarah (third from left) and Clare join in the inflatable foosball game.


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