CSJ Weekly Justice Notes: August 3

August 3, 2016

 Petition President Obama to Stand with Refugees

This fall the President is hosting a summit to decide what the U.S. and its partners are going to do about the growing refugee crisis. They'll need to prioritize education, access to jobs, and global responsibility sharing, and come up with more than just a temporary solution.  World Relief invites us to sign on to a petition to President Obama voicing support for refugees. 



Practice Showing Up: A White Person’s Guide to Racial Justice

Check out Practice Showing Up, the website for while people who want to be part of the solution for racial justice. For starters, the site suggests white people show up in support of black and brown people at likely and unlikely places. And it cites healing and wellness as the foundation for how we work towards the inner change it demands. Read more: https://www.ncronline.org/blogs/ncr-today/showing-white-persons-guide-racial-justice


Tim Kaine and the Catholic Politician in Today’s Diverse Public Square

Hillary Clinton’s pick of Tim Kaine as her running mate has put the Virginia senator’s Catholic faith in the spotlight. It has also underscored the jagged terrain Catholic politicians must navigate as they strive to reconcile faith teachings with an array of complex issues in a diverse public square. Read more:



EPA Clears the Way for Greenhouse Gas Rules on U.S. Airlines

The Environmental Protection Agency formally declared last week after years of review that greenhouse gas emissions from airplane engines cause climate change and endanger human health and the environment, just as exhaust fumes from cars do, and that they likewise need to be controlled



Chicago Launches Program for Survivors of Human Trafficking

The Chicago Housing Authority is launching the first program of its kind in the country to address housing issues for survivors of human trafficking.  The pilot program stems from a task force President Barack Obama created to combat trafficking. Housing for people trying to escape was identified as a major barrier.  Federal officials approached Chicago to pilot a housing program. Over the next three years, CHA will provide 60 subsidized housing vouchers for survivors. Read more:


Learn to Listen to Your Enemy, because Everybody Thinks They are the Good Guy

A former CIA officer says that, when dealing with the enemy, understanding comes with listening. Watch the brief video, “Lessons from Life Undercover” at: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/amaryllis-fox-undercover-cia-video_us_57600d31e4b0e4fe5143afc6


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