CSJ Community Celebrates National Poetry Month

In 1996, the Academy of American Poets inaugurated National Poetry Month in April. We join in this national celebration by featuring poetry written by our CSJ sisters and associates here and on our Facebook page throughout the month.  

Featured Poem


Pine Memory
by Sister Kate Filla

Traces of the old road mark the field where we kneel
planting pines from the state,
new trees for this clearing in the woods.

We trowel into the dirt, mother, father, sister, and me.
And with the seedlings, we place our intentions.

Deer come at night here to sleep beneath the cedars and sumacs.
Whippoorwills call from the darkness,
coyotes bark,
owls keep watch.

As we work, the wind moves around us,
stirs the buffalo grass,
whispers ancient stories.

Like the old roadbed disappearing,
we too will sink down into the earth.
Father first, then mother, but soon sister and me,
each in turn easing back into the dark rich soil we came from.

And some future wind will sing here
and carry back to the trees this memory. 

The Collection

Blessed Breezes
 by Sister Carol Patron

The Chapel of My Mind by Sister Pauline Komrska

Holy Hour by Sister Pat Bober

My Winter Has Come by Sister Carol Patron

Life by Sister Mary Hugh McGowen

Life's Tightrope by Sister Jean Paul Selissen

Like Moses by Sister Mary Ann Hilgeman

Pine Memory by Sister Kate Filla

Rural Cemetery by Sister Kate Filla

Smiles by Associate Janet M. Linck

Song of the Cedars by Sister Jean Paul Selissen

Tribute to the Cross by Sister Rita Flaherty

Valley to Mountain Praise by Sister Jean Paul Selissen

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