CSJ Associates Return to Camden, Miss.

Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet | Camden Volunteers

Pictured: Sister Donna Gunn, coordinator of special projects at Sacred Heart Parish and Family Center, with (l-r) two Camden community members and Associate Steve Helmich, Pete Rossmann and Associate John Rossmann

by S. Donna Gunn

The Sacred Heart parish community in Camden, Miss., is once again indebted to the CSJ Associates for their volunteer services. Four of the men, known here in Mississippi as the St. Joseph Carpenters, came to Camden the week of Oct. 8.

Their task this time was to tear out and rebuild the deck leading into the Outreach Center. It had become a hazard and we were particularly concerned about one of our elders tripping over the open/uneven spaces and falling.

Associates Steve Helmich, Roger Kaestner and  John Rossmann and John’s brother Pete Rossmann (who filled in for Associate George Darner who was ill) worked with two of our local folks. They designed the way they would lay the wood, gave us a list of supplies for purchase, worked on their hands and knees, etc., and they finished their task in record time.

As always, when they left Sacred Heart, folks in Camden said, “What special men. We just love it when they come.”

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