Consolidation of Congregational Archives

Work is underway to consolidate much of the North American archives of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet in one location. The consolidated archives at this time will include the collections from St. Louis, Albany, Los Angeles and Hawaii. The first step of the process has begun: moving the congregational archives to Carondelet. The decision to move toward consolidation was a process that began with the province archives directors, included working with a professional consultant and the careful consideration of the congregational leadership.

“Carondelet at St. Louis is a logical place to house this treasure because it is the site where our first sisters settled,” said Sister Danielle Bonetti of the congregational leadership team. The archives are a treasure trove of history including letters dating back to our founders, files on the life and ministries of individual sisters and much more. The archives preserve the history of the congregation in the words and experiences of the sisters who actually lived our rich heritage. Consolidating the archives and digitizing some of the holdings will enable us to make these priceless resource materials more available to sisters, ACOF, partners in mission and ministry and interested researchers across the whole congregation.

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