Celtic Soul Experience: Meet Owen and Moley

Celtic Soul Experience

Coming to the motherhouse March 7 & 8 for the Celtic Soul Experience concert and retreat. Learn more and buy tickets.


Owen & Moley O Súilleabháin are singers, speakers, composers, and brothers from Ireland. They write their own songs as well as sing sacred song from many traditions.

Owen (33) & Moley (29) learned a store of sacred song from their mother, Dr. Nóirín Ni Riain. They began performing with her in an a capella vocal trio in 2004. The brothers learned Gregorian chant, Irish sean nos (ancient traditional) song, and hymns from many traditions.

The brothers also write songs together. Their only goal was to write songs that lift and apprentice the human heart to generosity and gratitude, and the songs must also be Groovy! Owen is a world class guitar player and Moley is one of Irelands greatest rappers and human beatboxers. Owen and Moley are now living in New York City. They have just released a 3rd album of a capella sacred songs from many traditions.


Meet Owen and Moley in their own words...

February 11th, 2014
New York

Dear Sisters and the Community of St. Joseph of Carondelet, St Louis,

On Friday and Saturday, the 7th and 8th of March, my brother and I will be visiting you in the great gateway city of St. Louis. For us, this is a real return to the journey that our mother Nóirín Ní Riain, and our father Mícheál Ó Súilleabháin started 30 years ago. 

Along with the great poet, philosopher and mystic John O Donaghue, our parents were part of a great rediscovery and redemption of the Irish Celtic tradition. Many times in Ireland’s history has this lineage been called upon, but during the time of John, this ancient Celtic wisdom met with that contemporary energy of Globalization, and something very special happened.

This was the time of the New-Age, the first time we spoke of World Music or the Global Village, and within this dizzying context perhaps the intimacy of local wisdom was amplified in a very curious way.

The work of the poet David Whyte has also been pivotal, especially within the context of the United States, and how the culture of the corporation is having to sit down and have a real adult conversation with itself, and with the globe it finds itself Globalizing.

Now, for the past two years, my brother and I have been retracing the steps of our parents, of John O Donaghue, and of David Whyte, and we have been singing the songs of our heritage, telling the stories that have been passed down to us, but also, just as importantly, reimagining and reinventing our self-expression in a way that it totally authentic for us and for the audience.

We know that there is a story greater than ourselves at play here; a story that we all share together that will only really become apparent in clear light of hindsight.

Till then, let’s share together in the moment and celebrate and rejoice together on these very special days in beautiful St Louis.

Owen Ó Súilleabhain



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