Carondelet Community Comes Together for Mural Painting

Sisters Ida Berresheim and Rita Huebner paint the latest Carondelet mural.

On July 8, residents of the Carondelet neighborhood were invited to make their mark on a new community mural. Set along the river just south of Bellerive Park, the 300-foot wall became wrapped in a very colorful abstracted, anamorphic map of the area.

Sister Ida Berresheim , who went to the community painting event with four other sisters, wrote about the experience:

Having fun isn’t the way we usually talk about CSJs ministering to the dear neighbor. But for five of us from the motherhouse, having fun offered us a great opportunity to join with many of our dear neighbors.

A sunny Saturday morning saw us together with artist Elie Balk, her team and many others ready to be part of a project to beautify this centuries-old Carondelet community at the same time we had fun.

The town of Carondelet, a rapidly changing part of the City of St. Louis, is becoming an area of diverse neighborhoods. Over the past few decades, the participation of many of its citizens has given it a long history of producing lovely murals on building walls where those driving or walking by can enjoy them. Permission and sufficient financing for a new Carondelet mural urged Elie and her team to put out the word a few days ago for “anyone to come and paint." 

At mid-morning, we joined the growing number of those of every age who were quickly assembling on South Broadway at a 300-foot wall. Elie and her team were well organized and generous with instructions. The task of all who showed up was to paint the background sections of what will become a mural of an “abstracted anamorphic map” of Carondelet. 

Carefully numbered paint color cans, brushes, exactly numbered spaces outlined in black on the light grey-painted brick wall, aprons, cushions for painters who would be painting near-ground spaces and a wonderfully sunny day enriched our gathering, making this community effort an opportunity to have fun with many dear neighbors. At the same time we contributed to what is sure to become a piece of art of great beauty and fascination for all those who pass by on busy Broadway.

On the brief ride back to our Carondelet home we agreed that, along with all who pass by, we will enjoy the finished mural. More than that was our joy at having spent a few hours of a sunny Saturday morning with our dear Carondelet neighbors.

Sisters Mary Kay O'Gorman and Mary Ann Fisher paint their section of the community mural. 


A portion of the completed mural.


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