Book Review: Globalization, Spirituality & Justice

Globalization, Spirituality and Justice: Navigating the Path to Peace

By Daniel G. Groody, C.S.C.
Reviewed by Sister Kathleen Marie Shields, CSJ of St. Paul province

Without a doubt, this is the book of the century! Within nine challenging chapters, the author points us to a life journey and clearly describes what it really costs to be a wholehearted Christian in today's broken world. To discover Christ in the faces of immigrants, migrants and refugees is one gift we desperately need to identify with their daily struggles. "To make it" is our Christian responsibility: to care enough to turn our fleeting thoughts into beatitude actions and to walk with just anyone in need takes courage. This is discipleship that really costs.

Throughout this challenging read, there is a quiet, contemplative spirit beneath the author's reflections on meaningful justice. There is dynamism in his powerful descriptions of contemporary discipleship. There is an integration of Catholic social teaching in the lives of well-known icons of peace and justice: Mahatma Gandhi, Marin Luther King, Jr., Rosa Parks, Dorothy Day, Mother Teresa, and Oscar Romano and the martyrs of El Salvador.

And, there is an unmistakable message to readers: Put on the heart and mind of Christ NOW!

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