Associate Volunteer Spotlight: Jody Hueschen

The following interview is with Jody Hueschen, CSJA, of Kansas City, Missouri, who made her initial commitment in 2006, and her ongoing commitment in 2009. She is a member of the Holy Family Community.

What are your past and present ministries?
My life has been dedicated to the health care industry as a nurse, administrator, and health care and wellness consultant. Practicing and teaching the modality of Healing Touch (HT) is a wellness exercise I provide for our health care institutions, communities and individuals. Healing Touch is “a relaxing, nurturing, heart-centered energy therapy that uses gentle, intentional touch that assists in balancing physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being (” It has helped me to improve my personal health so much so that I am greatly committed to bringing this opportunity to others.

What services do you provide?
I have several Healing Touch clients and I teach HT courses. I organize and lead activities for the local Healing Touch of Kansas City community. And I volunteer my HT services requested for community events.

How did this ministry start for you? 
I experienced HT by first receiving it and realizing how much better I began to feel. I then took my first class and was hooked, especially when I learned that I could work on myself. The more I experienced HT, the better I became at managing my health and making better choices in nutrition, exercise and stress management. My sleep improved as well. The reward that comes with HT is the ability to experience more joy, health and love in the world.

How has this ministry moved or enlightened you? 
I have been moved by the benefits of HT that I have witnessed in others at all points of life—from inception through death—as well as personal feelings. I used HT with my brother who was dying. Before he passed, he told me how much HT helped him. His death was extremely peaceful in so many ways. He came back fully into the church and was prepared to meet Christ when he left this world.

What challenges have you faced? 
There are not enough people with the knowledge of this work to do it for themselves and others. There is also the lack of understanding what a difference this can make in one’s life.

In what ways can people help in this ministry?
Take some HT classes so you can support volunteer events to provide HT to others in need and for yourself. You learn so much just by taking one class. The topics include techniques that support physical, mental, emotional and/or spiritual healing; healing presence: how to become grounded, present and heart-centered; and techniques that support care of individuals from birth to death and self-care. Each course assists the individual in developing at a deeper dimension. If you take five courses, you are prepared to apply for professional certification.

Where can I learn more about Healing Touch? 
Visit This website offers research and information on available classes, certified practitioners and instructors throughout the world.

How does this ministry reflect our charism of loving unity? 
Healing Touch is heart-centered work done for the “highest good” of the individuals we touch without expectations.

For more information about Jody’s ministry, please feel free to contact her at

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