A Christmas Poem by S. Jean Paul Selissen


They were overjoyed when they saw the star!

Journeys are challenges that take faith--
Faith  to leave the familiar behind and explore the unknown,
Faith in the maps someone gives us if the territory has been explored,
Faith that we will have the strength, endurance, good health to complete the task.

Faith that we can make good decisions if something changes midstream.
Faith that what we envision will fulfill our dreams.

Mary, Joseph, and the Magi, like ourselves, are pilgrims on a journey.
Sometimes we stay with the vision in our hearts in spite of daily drudgery. 
Sometimes we get derailed by events that seem to cloud our vision.
At times there are forks in the road that call for hard decisions. 

As Christmas comes again this year, wherever we are on our journey, 
Let us search again for the light afar.
With the Magi let us be overjoyed when we can once again see the star. 

by Sister Jean Paul Selissen

 Christmas Blessings from the Sisters of St. Joseph & Associates

Let us remember the reason for the season as we celebrate
the glory of our King's birth. The CSJ Community wishes
you and yours a very Merry Christmas. 

God Bless.


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