9/11 Prayer of Remembrance

Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet | 9/11 Remembrance

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We remember this day as we still struggle with many emotions.  We also remember that people all over the world share these feelings and that the suffering of Sept. 11 echoes the suffering of many parts of the world. We ask that we have the strength to work for healing for all nations in our planet.

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Together, we pray...

God, we come to you today in remembrance of the lives lost to unspeakable violence, especially those on September 11th and in its aftermath. All of us were touched by this day - from the loss of loved ones to changes in the national mood.

We remember our anger and fear, gritty like sand in our teeth - anger at lives lost, at words and actions of retaliation, at excuses to oppress people in our country and around the world, fear over what might happen, over losing our own lives.

We remember our sorrow, salty water flowing from our eyes, grief at loss, at the deep pain and suffering of our sisters and brothers. But we also pray that this salty water will become seed for a better tomorrow. Like these seeds, we have hope that your kingdom of peace and justice will take root and flourish in our world.

And we remember the fabric of life of which we are all a part - from workers at the Pentagon to the undocumented workers at the top of the World Trade Towers to people in Afghanistan who had never heard of New York City.

May we learn to sew together this fabric, with unbreakable threads so that we may cling together in solidarity and such violence may never be repeated.

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