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New look...same spirit

Last year, as we, the Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet, celebrated the 175th anniversary of our founding in the United States, we remembered our founders, reconnected with friends and partners and renewed our commitment to community.

The experience of looking at our past with grateful hearts was so energizing, that we were called to find a way to express all that we are in God and one another, to recognize the Spirit-filled relationships that allow the Gospel mission to survive and thrive.

We reflected. We brainstormed. We prayed. Each process brought us back to how, together, we are centered in the mission of Christ. Together, we reach beyond ourselves to serve a world in need. Together, we are one in God’s great love. Together, we are more.

Our look is new, but our spirit is the same. It is a mirror of our mission, reflecting the heart of Christ, reaching out to all our dear neighbors with God’s unifying love.

We showed the logo to members of our CSJ family and asked them to share their reflections. Read some of these reflections and share your thought with the form below.


"Sisters and associates; students and clients; staff and donors; ministries and institutions, we are held together in this circle of connection, mystery and life where together, we are more."

~Sister Helen Oates, CSJ

"My first feeling when I saw it was joy. I know this because I smiled. The colors, the circle, the sense of stained glass—all joyful. Then I focused on the cross surrounded by the stained glass colors and thought, ‘Hmm, that fits. The joy of Christ.’"

~Michelle Schiller Baker, 2007 Generosity of Joseph honoree

"Color reflects diversity. I love the cross embedded in the logo reflecting the centrality of the cross in the mission. The tagline reflects commitment to collaboration both with one another and with those we serve."

~Sue Randich, psychologist, St. Joseph Institute for the Deaf

"When the Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet come together and blend their talent, strength, belief, loyalty, honesty and love, they form an unshakable foundation of ONE that is united in faith, purpose and commitment. At Fontbonne, we are proud to be a part of that MORE, part of the CSJ goal of unity and reconciliation with the sacred, with the Earth, with one another, and with all whom we meet."

~Dyanne Anthony, Fontbonne University, Mission and Heritage Committee member

"We can become so much larger than ourselves through teamwork. Each individual in this organization plays an integral role on the team. I witness this daily in the respect and dedication shown by Nazareth staff members in their daily interactions with the residents and in their efforts to help each other complete the current task at hand."

~Mary Leiber, residency counselor, The Village at Nazareth

"The focal point is of the cross, which grounds and centers the sisters, their charism and their ministry. Flowing from that central point, the myriad of colors that weave around the cross represent the spirit of communion and relationship that are fostered in this Christ-centered identity."

~Michael E. Sanderl, EdD,Vice President of Mission Integration, Carondelet Health

"It connects the traditional with a more modern image of church. The cross caught my eye right away, surrounded by the images of diversity—the varying size, shapes and colors of the ‘mosaic.’ I love ‘together we are more’ as it describes today’s culture of young people wanting to make a difference in the world.

~Sarah Ampleman, discerning religious life.


together...we are more


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