sister linda marie lully

September 27, 1938 - February 4, 2014

Humble, prayerful friend to many

Linda Marie Lully was born September 27, 1938 in New York, N.Y., the first child of Edmund and Grace Uhrhane Lully. Philip, Elizabeth, Grace and Edward soon joined the family. Most of Linda’s early years were spent in a small village in New York near Long Island Sound. Due to her Dad’s work, they moved to Kentucky for five years, then briefly to Augusta, Georgia, and finally settled in Clarks Hill, South Carolina where her Dad was chief electrician at Clarks Hill Dam. A neighbor who worked in Augusta drove the children the twenty or so miles to and from school each day so they could attend Catholic schools.

Linda entered the Sisters of St. Joseph in September 1956. When she received the habit in 1957, she was given the name S. Grace Edmund. Her bachelor’s degree in English (minor in French), was from Fontbonne College (1962). Her 1971 master’s in English was from St. Louis University.

S. Linda’s 35 years ministering in high school began in 1961 at St. Joseph High School in Atlanta, Ga.  St. Thomas Aquinas in Florissant, Mo in 1963 was next, then Valle High, Ste. Genevieve, Mo in 1968. She returned to St. Thomas Aquinas in Florissant from 1973 to 1982. Then she went to Aquinas High School in Augusta, Ga. 

S. Linda mentioned that it was there at Aquinas in Georgia where she finally was able to teach only math, something she loved.

S. Linda was described as fun to be with; someone who really liked her students, and a math teacher par excellence. Multi-talented, she enjoyed many activities: yearbook, helping with drama club scenery, coaching girls’ track and tennis, assisting with cheerleaders, keeping score for volleyball, and cheering on football and basketball teams wherever they played.

 Many remember S. Linda’s great sense of humor. She was a good story teller and could laugh at herself. One example is the day she was making small-talk with a guest speaker who happened to be British. Suddenly, in the midst of the conversation she realized she was responding with a British accent! (She didn’t know whether to continue or to return to her normal speech.)

Whether she was with her students, or laughing at Inspector Clouseau in a Pink Panther movie, or meticulously preparing school work, or reading mystery stories, she enjoyed life. Her kindness and thoughtfulness inspired others. She accepted how God took care of the world and took life as it came.

In 1983 S. Linda was diagnosed with primary liver sclerosis. It was 1987 while she was in her classroom teaching that word came: there was a liver available. Everything was in readiness. She got her suitcase and went across the street to Daniel Field, a private airport. When she arrived in Pittsburgh, an ambulance was waiting. She had surgery that evening. Thirty days later she was ready to go home when she became very ill, near death. Recovery took another thirty days. S. Linda returned to Augusta to teach eight more years.

S. Linda began a new ministry in 1996 as a medical assistant at St. Joseph Family Care Center in Augusta, Ga.

This was the first of several medical related ministries in Augusta. In 2002 she became the Office Coordinator at Summerville Professional Center and in 2003, Office Coordinator at St. Joseph Hospital Medical Village. She served at Augusta Physician Services as the receptionist in 2008. From 2009 until she retired in 2013, S. Linda was a sleep studies assistant at the Pulmonary and Sleep Center of Augusta.

S. Linda was a humble, prayerful woman, a friend to many.                                                               
S. Helen Oates

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