sister jean meier

March 5, 1944 - May 21, 2014

Thoughtful, generous, prayerful, poetic

Jean, followed by twin Jack, was born March 5, 1944, to Dolores (Handing) and Anthony Meier. An older brother, Jerry, completed the family. Jean was taught by Notre Dame Sisters at St. Engelbert’s school. At Rosati-Kain High School she met the Sisters of St. Joseph and was inspired by their spirit. Deferring to her parents, she attended Fontbonne College for a year, entering the Sisters of St. Joseph in September 1963.

Sister Jean taught at Immacolata, Richmond Heights, Mo. (1967); Our Lady of Lourdes, Raytown, Mo. (1968); received a degree in English from Fontbonne College (1969); ministered in secondary education at St. Joseph’s Academy, St. Louis (1971); and St. Joseph High School, Atlanta, Ga. (1973).

In 1976 S. Jean earned a master’s in religious studies from St. Louis University and became religious education consultant at the Diocesan Office in Atlanta. She returned to St. Louis in 1980 to be director of vocation education. In 1983, S. Jean was appointed director of novices and coordinator of Core Group for Vocation Education.

S. Jean began studies at Loyola University, Chicago (1986); received a master’s in pastoral counseling (1988); taught at the Loyola Institute of Pastoral Studies (1988-1993), and ministered as counselor for Parish Counseling Services (1988-1991). An internship at University of Illinois Counseling Center, Urbana (1991-1993) preceded her doctorate from the School of Professional Psychology, Chicago (1993). A post-doctoral fellowship at St. Louis Behavioral Medicine Institute (1994-1995) followed. S. Jean was a province council member from 1992 to 1996.

For a few months in 1996, S. Jean was a psychotherapist at St. Louis Behavioral Medicine Institute. She then began her ministry as psychologist for St. Louis Consultation Center. In 2013 she became clinical director for the center. She served on the Province Leadership Team from 2008 to 2014.

Memories abound of our beloved Jean Meier. Marie Damien Adams and I have been privileged to live with Jean for six years... Jean was a quintessential CSJ, embodying and living daily our CSJ values of love of God and love of neighbor without distinction. Jean had the gift of bringing harmony to diverse groups...

She loved everything she did and threw herself wholeheartedly into it. Family and local community were important to Jean...We miss Jean and always will miss her, but we know she is nearby and for her love we are grateful. S. Paulette Gladis

Besides being a good and dear friend who was always willing to listen, I found Jean’s presence on the Province Council a quiet, wise gift... After hearing so many scattered ideas, she could hone in on the underlying cause... to more clearly address possible solutions. Jean found solace in poetry. Perhaps one of the things I/we will miss most is her ability to capture our feelings and to express them so exquisitely. S. Donna Gunn

We were Muny partners...for many years. She so enjoyed each performance and looked forward to those summer Friday nights... she was a very caring and wonderful person to be with.S. Maryellen Tierney

I had great admiration for [Jean]. I was in her sectional … she was always able to assimilate and articulate the various points of our discussion…. I found Jean to be friendly, cheerful and supportive. Marilyn Koncen, CSJA

Her favorite color was red in our early years. She loved poetry and wrote poems... loved to shop... a way to relax and reduce tension and stress...a devoted friend...very much looking forward to her trip this fall to visit Israel and the places of the women in the Bible. Guess she now has a bird's eye view. S. Mary Margaret Lazio

My heart is full of gratitude to and for Jean...She loved life, her family, her many friends, her community, ministry, work. She knew how to lighten one's heart when heavy. S. Connie Gleason

by S. Helen Oates

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