in remembrance

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Sister Rosarita Allen

Sister Helen Alwes

Sister Janine Arellano

Sister Mary Loran Aubuchon

Sister Mary Bede Baeten

Sister Mary Seraphine Balwinksi

Sister Catherine Beauron

Sister Mary Philip Bieg

Sister Catherine Mary Boucher

Sister Regina Catherine Brandt

Sister Mary Josephine Breiner

Sister Nathanael Joseph Brune

Sister Joyce Buckler

Sister Mona Marie Buergler

Sister Kathleen Carroll

Sister Rosemary Connell

Sister Margaret Cozzens

Sister Patricia Cramer

Sister Mary Denis Curran

Sister Mariann DeBuck

Sister Charlotte Deken

Sister Theresa Desrochers

Sister Elizabeth Deutsch

Sister Colette Marie Doering

Sister Rita Dooley

Sister Mary Laurent Duggan

Sister Joan Erdmann

Sister Nora Eftink

Sister Marie Pasqualine Frigo

Sister Mary Louise Gagnon

Sister Eileen Gamache

Sister Marie Getz

Sister Patricia Gillespie

Sister Mary Tobias Hagan

Sister Inez Denise Hallinan

Sister Margaret Hamm

Sister Mary Concordia Hennessy

Sister Eileen Hoffer

Sister James Lorene Hogan

Sister Ellen Hucker

Sister Regina Hughes

Sister Ann Jones

Sister Florence Kane

Sister Mary Jane Kappus

Sister Mary Francina Keane

Sister Judith Marie Klump

Sister Anna Rose Kraus

Mary Alexandra Kuhn

Sister Marie Louise Lemon

Sister Linda Marie Lully

Sister Mary Brigid Massey

Sister Jeanne Germaine McGovern

Sister Mary Lou McKinney

Sister Jean Meier

Sister Dorothy Mary Meirink

Sister Margaret Catherine Merrell

Sister David Joseph Migliarini

Sister Mary Alma Monaghan

Sister Jacqueline Muster

Sister Kathleen (Kay) Naughton

Sister Lillian Newbore

Sister Elizabeth Ney

Sister Maria Cabrini Oldani

Sister Mary Antonio Palumbo

Sister Elizabeth Peplow

Sister Mary Agnes Purcelli

Sister Vita Marie Rudden

Sister Mary Jane Ruoff

Sister Jean Fontbonne Sandweg

Sister Dorothy Scheidler

Sister Anna M. Schlett

Sister Margaret Schmidt

Sister Rose Margaret Schweers

Sister Rose de Lima Seyfried

Sister Eileen Smits

Sister Anne Carlos Souto

Sister Mary Manuela Souto

Sister Martha Smith

Sister Mary Ann Smith

Sister Mildred Stellmack

Sister Maureen Streitmiller

Sister Mary Engelhard Summers

Sister Ann Dominic Tassone

Sister Rose Celine Tauschek

Sister Mary Naomi Treml

Sister Marie Tucker

Sister Anne Bernadine Wackenheim

Sister Maria Joseph Walsh

Sister Rose Weber

Sister Jean Magdalene Wyatt

Sister Katherine Zanitsch




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